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Roja Media’s video marketing team will help your stunning videos reach the right audience.

Video production is only the beginning of incorporating videos into your digital marketing strategy. What comes next is a series of strategic video marketing initiatives that make your videos a worthwhile investment.

Our team is up-to-date with the latest video marketing trends and uses a strong dose of creativity to identify where your target audience is, what they need to hear and how to package your videos in a way that will encourage them to pay attention. Any strategy we utilise is supported by data; we only make informed video marketing decisions.

Video Targeting and Retargeting

Targeting people who care.  about your message is important for a successful video marketing strategy. It’s also important for a separate retargeting video marketing strategy to be in place to reach out to potential customers who weren’t drawn in the first time.

Video Distribution

We find the right channels to distribute your videos – social media, influencers, blogs and websites which share the same values as your brand.

YouTube Optimisation

There are strategic ways to get organic reach for YouTube videos. Keywords, featured images, endnotes, popups and a range of other strategies can be used to give your videos the spotlight they deserve. We know how to use these strategies well and help you get the most out of your YouTube channel.

Our IPM Video Marketing Strategy

Our video marketing strategy is essentially a three step process.

I- Identify the right channels.

There is a common misconception that brands should post their videos on every possible medium. That’s not our approach at Roja Media. We do our research to identify the social media sites, influencers, websites and blogs your target audience frequents. We also ensure that each channel we use aligns with your brand’s message and values. Your video marketing strategy would fail if we didn’t identify the right channels first.

P- Promote in a way that the audience responds.

We understand audiences and know how to promote video content to them in the right ways. We want more of your target audience to stop and pay attention rather than just scroll past the stellar video you’ve created.

M- Measure and evaluate.

We use a variety of analytics tools to measure the success of each video marketing campaign. These results are used to evaluate where we went wrong and what could have been done better so that we can create even better video marketing campaigns for your brand in the future.

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