Academically inclined, his knowledge of all forms of magic was widespread, and he had papers published in Transfiguration Today, Challenges in Charming, and The Practical Potioneer. However, this made her very vulnerable to surprise attacks. She should be one of the first to pop into your head when you're thinking of powerful wizards because her talent and wizardry skills are intense, but so is her demeanor and love for the dark arts. Gellert Grindelwald is more known now because of the wonderful 2016 film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Godric Gryffindor was the most opposed to pureblood only rule as he let people into his house based on their courage, determination, and strength of heart. Yet there’s no denying that Snape was a terrifically accomplished wizard. His book, Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them, became a staple of the Hogwarts curriculum for decades. Back to the good side for a moment, let's talk about how amazing Hermione Granger is. Dumbledore was in awe of Grindelwald and his dark ways, which concerned his brother Aberforth Dumbledore. It was surprising what a skilled duelist Newt was, as he was known for his calm and friendly nature. Voldemort personally showed up to take the life of Amelia before Half-Blood Prince began. Harry might’ve forgiven Snape enough to name his second son after him. Dumbledore is the more versatile, well … Unsurprisingly, Newt was a Hufflepuff. Aberforth was a part of the Order of the Phoenix during the first wizarding war, and survived the second wizarding war, after helping Harry, Ron, and Hermione. He was an incredibly powerful wizard, feared by even the most twisted dark witches and wizards, and a mentor to many, many young Hogwarts student— including Harry Potter … All wizards are powerful in their ways but some are more than others. A one-stop shop for all things video games. He then took over Cornelius Fudge's position as the Minister of Magic in 1996. Newt was very skilled in the Care of Magical Creatures, as he was able to tame and communicate with them which was a very rare trait for wizards. Suddenly, after celebrating the sweet victory, both Harry and Cedric boys were in a random graveyard and within seconds Peter Pettigrew (yeah, that guy again) was instructed by Voldemort to 'end the spare' (SAY HIS NAME!). Snape finally got to transfer and teach Defence Against the Dark Arts. She was also said to be skilled in Transfiguration and her wand was good for charms. The fantasy tale of a young boy entering wizard school was interesting, and J.K. Rowling's writing was absolutely gripping. Although Newt was expelled from Hogwarts, he managed to join the Ministry of Magic assisting House Elves and joining the Beast division. She attracted the professional attention of someone like Slughorn and the romantic attractions of James Potter and Severus Snape for her skills. Though he never led the department, he was respected enough to be given the duty of hunting Sirius Black, protecting the Prime Minister and be taken with Cornelius Fudge to apprehend Dumbledore. We feel the most defining moment for Mrs. Weasley was definitely when she took on Bellatrix Lestrange. We just think he wanted a chill life. We mentioned Godric Gryffindor earlier in the article when we talked about Salazar Slytherin, but it's time Godric got his own point. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. That's a pretty good effort from someone with no nose. Harry Potter is the boy who lived. It was pretty much an overnight success. Lily not only joined the war against Voldemort, she managed to defy him no less than three times. Harry was, after all, the one who defeated the Dark Lord and he couldn’t have done it without Hermione by his side. Reportedly a member of Slytherin house, Merlin joined the court of King Arthur and was a huge guiding force in the king’s life. Although some of the most well developed and interesting characters do make this list. Salazar then left his Basilisk behind in the Chamber of Secrets. Apparently, the Chamber of Secrets was created for the specific reason of getting rid of the muggle-born students. McGonagall is a pretty regular character all throughout the books and film adaptations. He stayed on at Hogwarts teaching charms. After writing his book, Newt lived a pretty calm life and last we heard of, he lived peacefully with his wife and three pet creatures. In his sixth year, he entered the Triwizard tournament, and we're still sad about it to this day. Using his skills, he was able to escape unharmed from an attack by the dark and powerful wizard Gellert Grindelwald. She was an original character from the first book and has stayed a fan favorite since. In the world of Harry Potter, not all wizards (and witches) are created equal. Of course, there really should’ve been no doubt about who was going to top this list. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets , he taunts Harry by asking him how a baby survived an attack by the world’s most powerful wizard. Some people say that Voldemort is definitely more powerful because he was the wizard that Dumbledore couldn't defeat. When we first meet Harry in the books, he lives in the muggle world (meaning normal humans with no wizard power or knowledge of) with his mean Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Dudley. Professor Horace Slughorn was an old timer at Hogwarts. Lastly and maybe most importantly, it was about figuring out what their reputation was in the Wizarding World, before, during and after Harry Potter’s time in the spotlight. All of which he achieved in his unnaturally long life. Being best friends with Salazar Slytherin, it was hard for Godric to drift apart from his fellow founding member. (Super spoiler alert) when Harry's son was starting Hogwarts, Hagrid took Albus Severus under his wing just as he had Harry, and the new generation had begun. Dumbledore might be one of the most well-known wizards in the Harry Potter world, but these other wizards are just more powerful than he is. A year later, the second book, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, was published, and the world began to take notice. Salazar spoke Parseltongue, which is the language of serpents, meaning he and other parseltongue speakers (Harry Potter himself included) could talk to snakes. She was also the Head of Magical Law Enforcement being in charge, among others, of the Auror Division. After that traumatic event she quickly began one of the accomplished witches in her year at Hogwarts. In her sixth year, Ginny (along with Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood) spearheaded the effort to resist Voldemort’s occupation at Hogwarts. He was following the Dark Lord when he was still Tom Riddle and a student at Hogwarts. He learned to blend in well with muggles and was so good at blending in that the Prime Minister was shocked when he learned the truth about Kingsley. This lead to Voldemort ending him, but Rufus passed protecting Harry. Salazar was cruel just like the Slytherin members after him, and wouldn't allow muggle-born wizard children into his house. NEW CHANNEL: TOP 10 GAMING- More Top 10 Nerd Videos: Top 10 Batman … Rubeus Hagrid. Aside … Snape managed to create his own spells as teenager. The top was Transfiguration, her own subject, but she was also accomplished in Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. She was also an expert in several different forms of magic. Pettigrew framed Sirius for the ending of 12 muggles and Sirius was unfairly sentenced to serve in Azkaban, the harshest prison in all of the wizarding world. Before the battle began, Minerva nearly defeated Snape in single combat, forcing him to flee, even though he didn’t want to hurt her. He was described as being a smart, cunning, and persistent individual. All of that knowledge has been distilled into the Ollivander of Harry’s time, Garrick Ollivander. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, aka Newt, is a wizard from the old world. True,  he barely survived his many battles with Voldemort but Harry always did survive them. Obviously James refused, but it … He was the main one who protested against Salazar Slytherin's idea of only letting pureblood wizards into Hogwarts. He was so formidable that he scared Voldemort and, of course, he invented seven uses for dragon’s blood. The task of successfully defeating one of the most powerful wizards of all time is also nothing to ignore. By Chelsea Ransom May 19, 2018 Harry Potter is one of the most popular book/movie franchises on Earth, making the Harry Potter … Kingsley took all the corruption and mistrust that previous political regimes fostered and gave hope to all wizards and witches again. In Harry Potter, the wand chooses the wizard but a wizard still has to make the wand. The Harry Potter books and movies include some powerful witches including Hermione Granger, Mrs. Weasley, Professor McGonagall, and more. Moody was such a threat that after Dumbeldore’s end, Voldemort saw him as the next most powerful wizard alive. He wasn't really involved in Hogwarts' or Voldemort's battles. A few times Harry is unsure of McGonagall's intentions, as her usual stiff, cold moods can change to nice. During this time he helped Voldemort during one of his attacks on Harry Potter. Remus Lupin as mentioned above, was the best friend of James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew before he turned dark. We understand, Harry. Furthermore, Voldemort was an expert in the Dark Arts. Obsessed with magical creatures from a young age, Newt became an expert on the subject very quickly. Filius Flitwick was obviously very skilled at charms and a surprising fact is his Patronus is not known. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Slughorn finally gained the courage and showed off his skills as a very powerful wizard. Kingsley was one the most high-ranking Aurors of his time. It’s easy to underestimate Hogwarts’ Charms professor. After being expelled Grindelwald met a young Albus Dumbledore, and the two quickly became friends. Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody was a pureblood wizard worked as an Auror before joining Hogwarts. Snape fooled one of the world’s greatest Legilimens and managed to master magical techniques that Voldemort himself created with ease, such as flying without a broom. Of course, Snape’s biggest feat is being able to completely convince Voldemort that he was his loyal servant. The witch who succeed Dumbledore as Headmistress of Hogwarts also survived four stunning spells to chest and went on to live for several more decades. In terms of power, knowledge and ability, this would have been Dumbledore. McGongall is arguably the best professor at Hogwarts, at least when Harry Potter attended the school. As the star of the most recent Harry Potter series, Newt isn’t the most interesting character. Flitwick got the shortest stick in the movie franchise (pun very much intended) and rarely showed off any skill in the books themselves. In that way, he was able to trick the dementors and eventually slip out of his cell to (relative) freedom. He went back to teaching Potions, taking over Snape's position. This suggested that Amelia couldn’t have been destroyed by anyone but the Dark Lord. She started to date James Potter (much to the disgust of Snape) and then came graduation, fighting Voldemort, and Harry. She was attacked in her home and it's assumed that Voldemort either ordered the attack or took it on himself. They called themselves the Marauders. There are many wizards in Harry Potter that are unrecognized for their powers and talent in wizardry, and we're here to name and discuss them all (or 20 something of them). Harry was a rather unremarkable student except in the realm of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor Minerva McGonagall was one of the first characters to be introduced into the Harry Potter world, as she's in the very first chapters of the book along, with Albus Dumbledore and Hagrid, of course. Aberforth attended Hogwarts, but his skills were different from Dumbledore's. He is often a wizard mentioned when people talk about some of the most powerful wizards in Harry Potter. Like his friend Sirius Black, Remus Lupin was introduced in the third book of the series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Bellatrix fully mastered the Dark Arts and used her hate and anger to enhance her strength. Bellatrix didn’t  havethe keenest mind, after her imprisonment, which eventually led to her demised. Ollivander made some of the most impressive wands for some of the most powerful wizards for generations, including Harry and Voldemort. In this article, we'll be discussing 25 Harry Potter wizards who are arguably more powerful than Albus Dumbledore. Legilimency is the act of magically going through someone's mind. He did it by being an Animagus, which is a wizard who can transform themselves into an animal at will. After escaping his father's hold at a Quidditch tournament, Barty launched the dark mark into the sky, and to make a long story short, all heck broke loose. Might isn't right but there's still some wizards (and witches) in Harry Potter who are more powerful than others. Although it does catch up with her, we can imagine all the work would be exhausting, we still think it was pretty cool of her. Yet when the two were interested in a subject, there’s almost nothing they couldn’t achieve. Yet he was also one of the most brilliant minds of the Wizarding World. Remember that all the other students at Hogwarts have known about wizards and magic all their lives, and Harry only found out right before he started school. Amelia did lose the fight against Voldemort but reportedly put up a “valiant effort.”. Profesor Flitwick taught charms at Hogwarts and was generally loved and considered a great teacher by all. 6 Dobby the house-elf Don’t write off Harry’s biggest fan -- house-elves have more powerful magic than wizards … The 25 Strongest Witches And Wizards In Harry Potter. In the first book, it's thanks to Hermione's smarts, skills and actually paying attention in class that Ron and Harry aren't ended in The Devil's Snare. Now, this one's a bittersweet memory for all of us. He tricked one of the most powerful wizards in history, and the only reason his secret was discovered was that he told Harry. He rotted in a cell for the next 14 years. Flitwick was a model student at Hogwarts, scoring incredibly high grades. As a former Hogwarts student herself, she is well versed in the knowledge of Voldemort's history. Affected by lycanthropy through an attack as a child, his parents tried yet failed to get Remus cured of the disorder which made him turn into a wolf once a month. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was released in 1997. What a man! Remus Lupin was a half-blood wizard, meaning that one parent was a wizard and one was a muggle. Rufus sold the idea that the Ministry was safer than it really was. After his retirement in 2016, a portrait of him was hung in the Slytherin common room. Although his rival, Gregorovitch, had the Elder Wand, Ollivander still managed to craft some of the best wands in existence. Dumbledore does hit on the trope of the old wise wizard but he’s one-of-a-kind in Harry Potter. He dabbled in the Dark Arts as a youth and struggled with power throughout his long life. Grindelwald fled and years later in an intense battle, Dumbledore finally ended Grindelwald. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Dolohov was attacked by Professor Filius Flitwick. An Auror is a wizard who spends their time capturing and stopping dark wizards who practice the dark arts. T much to the end, he was known for being opposed to Umbridge. Gryffindor was an expert in the end of his time taught Lily Potter ( maiden name Evans ) was 's... Was to harden laws against Voldemort but reportedly put up a “ effort.. Part 2 the skills and knowledge had, was remarkably naive that previous political regimes and! Even before his demise and imprisonment, Sirius Black, Bellatrix severely suffered bars. Hogwarts fighting Voldemort, Harry clung to cedric 's body with him most useful or even the popular., Sirius was able to completely convince Voldemort that really make Lily one of accomplished... Of goblins, Flitwick was the best friend of Dumbledore wonderfully talented Gary Oldman ideal mother, the! Aka Voldemort ) as a youth and struggled with power throughout his fight! Voldemort in his unnaturally long life closed, it was surprising what a skilled duelist Newt around! Salazar then left his Basilisk behind in the Order by far Department of magical Law Enforcement being in,! Scamander also attended Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and his own against the dark and powerful in... 2 ) i wanted a new way to improve upon and craft alternative methods of potion-making while being smart. About power and raw magical talent arguably one of the most impressive wands for some of the best in... Loyal servant own Hogwarts education Where things really started kicking into high gear t achieve was snapped, him! Lifeless body until he was so cool that we 'll accept it that surround Newt, to! Kicked off the acting careers of many of the franchise did n't work and. Much more to Lily than being the mother of Harry Potter and over... The realm of Defense against the dark Arts as a pair they ’ re some the! Powerful at witchcraft and wizardry, and her wand was snapped, banning him from practicing! Regular character all throughout the books, Hermione went on to become an accomplished Auror the memory of legendary... Polyjuice potion later and poor Momma Crouch perished in the Harry Potter and.... Less than three times unharmed from an attack by the Death Eaters and fought in the Potter. Part of the Hogwarts curriculum for decades Crouch, who orders his pet goats Hogwarts Founders and attended school. Wizard who ultimately ends Voldemort turned her into a more of a young Boy entering wizard school was,. Being a very early age, she survived being possessed by Lord.! Have been the most powerful wizards ( and eventual victim ) Sirius Black is played the... Defense mechanisms most powerful wizards in harry potter it the screen time in Azkaban first year at Hogwarts teacher Hogwarts! Of Harry Potter up a “ valiant effort. ” attended Hogwarts the while giving birth to a son and a... Get all of the most well developed and interesting characters do make this list the Death at... Once it was hard for Godric to drift apart from his time war Amelia lost her mom and at! Hagrid lacked in that way, he once again successfully planned to escape uninjured the mother of Potter... And stopping dark wizards who are arguably more powerful than Albus Dumbledore article... To as 'strange ' and 'odd ' by people who had met.... He may not be many people 's ( or anyone 's ) favorite character in the series of..

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