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What are social media videos?

The answer to this question really begins with understanding social media at its core. Social media platforms are places where people go to be entertained, connect with those in their circle and engage with the brands they love. A flurry of excitement is created when your audience sees content on your brand’s social media pages they love. They like, comment, share and may even send you a direct message or purchase whatever you’re selling. Social media videos are one form of content that can be posted on your social media pages to produce this result.

Roja Media’s video editors, motion graphic experts and animation experts help brands like yours produce videos for social media which create that flurry of excitement. You could create videos that build brand awareness, educate your audience, show behind-the-scenes footage, have a particular call-to-action or fit specific purposes within your marketing plan. Our team will help you create strong social media videos that strengthen your sales funnel. Let’s not forget that 93% of businesses have gotten new customers because of social media videos.

How do social media videos impact post engagement?

Engagement impacts your the success  of your brand’s social media efforts. Want to reach more people? Boost post engagement. High engagement scores tell a social media platform’s algorithm that this post is worth seeing. Therefore, the content is more likely to be displayed in a follower’s personal feed.

Social media videos should be used to improve engagement. In fact, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support. Therefore, videos should be an integral part of your marketing strategy as you strive to increase engagement and generate more sales.

What process does Roja Media use to create social media videos?

Your brand is unique so your social media videos should be too. We want to enhance the positive aspects of your brand’s social media pages by creating social media videos that complement your existing content and campaigns. It’s about keeping the unique factors that give your brand the “it” factor.

On-screen text gives some videos a certain edge over others that don’t use it. Social media users tend to watch videos muted. We want you to capitalise on the opportunity to get more views and, therefore, include video captioning as a part of our package. Our video editors will ensure that your message isn’t lost.

How do you measure success for a social media video?

Analytics. The business account you’ve created on your chosen social media platform has built-in analytics. Use them. They provide a wealth of information about engagement patterns about your existing posts which can inform future marketing decisions.

How long does a social media video take to produce?

Social media video production can take between 4-8 weeks, but it ultimately depends on the length, quantity, and style of the videos.

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