You’ll Be Surprised to Know Facebook Video Ads Performance

Facebook users love visually engaging content. What’s a better way to do that than with a compelling video that appeals to human emotions!  Did you know that a mobile video, for instance, has generated 75% of traffic this year alone?  And Facebook videos had a whopping reach of 135% organic reach on the social platform? 

Without even saying, Facebook video ads performance is undoubtedly one of the most interesting marketing insights that eCommerce business owners, marketers, and social media managers alike are looking into to create a more effective marketing campaign.

Interesting Stats on Facebook video ads performance

  • Viewers spend five times longer on videos versus on a static image.
  • Videos have an average of 89.5 shares, making it the most shared content type on Facebook.
  • An average of 12% of increased viewing time was recorded for caption video ads. It will be effective to add closed captions to your Facebook video ads to ensure viewers understand your message, eventually increasing their viewing time.
  • More than 500 million users use the social media platform to watch videos daily. Brands that want to reach more customers can use video marketing as an effective strategy to improve sales, conversions, and traffic.
  • Over 100 million video hours are watched on Facebook daily.
  • 8 billion daily video views were recorded in November 2015.
  • 63% is the average engagement rate for Facebook videos. It is higher than the engagement rate garnered by Instagram or YouTube videos. So, if you’re looking to capture your target market’s attention and engage your audience better, include Facebook video ads in your marketing strategy.
  • Facebook ads are also startup friendly. The cost-per-click rate has an average of $1.86 versus other social media ads for that matter.
  • 83% of users reported that videos shape their buying decision.   Without even saying, marketers that want to increase their conversions might want to include video ads into their marketing campaigns.

Why Use Facebook Video Ads

It has never been this easier to reach your audience anywhere they are in the world than with targeted video ads.   Using different data points and setting your options, you can create, post, and display video advertisements to the people who will be interested in your offers.  

Facebook also has a video creation kit that makes the whole process smoother. It even displays your competitors.  However, your video must also emotionally connect, not just appeal to users. Creating the right video ads, you can increase traffic, drive conversions, increase brand awareness, or improve engagement (and achieve other marketing goals you may have in mind). 

Higher audience reach than text

People love visually-engaging content – and videos are one of those. Using Facebook ads, you’ll have the potential to reach up to 2.38 billion monthly Facebook users.  

That’s not all because users also watch about three billion hours’ worth of videos daily and 16 minutes of Facebook video advertisements monthly. 

Facebook users also consume a higher amount of video content than any other media. 

Videos offer businesses an excellent opportunity to show your content to your target audience at the right time. 

Better customer engagement

Versus any type of advertisement, videos capture your audience’s attention better. A study had it that 54% of customers want to view a video content from a supported brand, and about 85% of them are likely to buy from it after watching the video. 

More users are also more likely to watch a video than to read words, and that’s four times the number of people who would. It’s because they’re able to see people in the video doing something that amazes them, for instance.

Increased brand awareness

Brand awareness and reputation have to do with your conversions and overall success because they improve the results of your marketing campaign.     

And with brand awareness, you get high conversion rates, high quality traffic, high revenue, and increased product understanding. It also helps establish audience trust and attract new customers. 

Video ads can help you with these goals.

More conversions

Videos are shareable. When users share your video with their circles, it increases your views. 

Video also outperforms static images and texts when it comes to engagement and conversions. They also bring in more organic traffic by about 135% in 2017 alone.  

It is a clear reason to include video ads in your digital strategy and campaigns.  And it will also help if you would appeal to the emotions of your customers by showing your brand’s personality.

Word-of-mouth (users sharing your video) and organic reach are effective and profitable ways of increasing public awareness and promoting your brand to more people.

Studies had it that video ads had 20% more clicks than static images had. As said earlier, people are more engaged in videos because they see what’s happening – like the actors doing something risky, amazing, scary, etc.  

They allow viewers to see and understand what is taking place unlike texts that they need to read and its meaning they need more time to understand. And without even saying, videos build emotional connections and establish trust.


While the initial cost may be steep, video ads are cost-effective in the end. They give more information about your products and services and remain relevant to your brand. 

4 General Facebook Video Ad Types

  • Promotional:  These videos aim at attracting new buyers and encouraging them to make a purchase and reminding them about your brand’s value.  
  • Instructional:  They’re perfect for convincing consumers about the benefits of your offers and can show a demo of how they can use your product easily. 
  • Conversational: You can show your brand’s personality and appeal to users emotionally with conversational video ads.  
  • Aspirational:  These video ads aim at making people take action because they show how your offers can help them solve a problem, accomplish a goal, or do something easier.

Get Started with Facebook Video Ad Marketing

As you’d notice, Facebook video ads performance is promising and offers plenty of benefits for your business. If you have not included Facebook video advertisements in your marketing campaign, you better do it now. For professional and quality Facebook video ad creation, contact us today!