“Branded Videos Tips and Tricks”

If you haven’t thought about adding branded video content in your marketing mix, think again. Branded videos boost conversions by 80% and offer a huge revenue potential because they lead directly to sales, according to the numerous business reports.

Videos also capture the people’s attention and convey a memorable message because they’re visually engaging and pique the interest (with the effects, sound, quality) of the audience. 

Great news, aren’t they?  But the benefits of branded videos do not end here. They also happen to be the most compelling and emotive content that entertains, educates, informs, and persuades those watching.

Today, we’re going to discuss tips and tricks in creating a video that connects, converts, and captures the heart of your audience.

Determine your objective

Do you want to spread brand awareness?  Do you want to establish a personal or company brand?  Create a compelling, inspirational, and entertaining video. It can be a compilation of facts or stats or an educational video in which you would share an advice based on questions you received.

Are you looking to send traffic back to your website?   Think about creating a teaser for an on-site compelling content that will attract viewers to learn more by clicking through the link in the video.

Want to increase sales? Create a short video featuring an advertisement of a limited-time offer (sense of urgency).

Who’s your audience?

Before creating a branded video, know your audience, including how they engage with your content (app, smartphone, tablet…), their language, location, age, and behavior, among other things.   

Use this information to figure your video strategy and consider doing an A/B test to check which one gets the higher response rate.  Knowing your audience, you can also optimize your branded video effectively for each social channel where to share the content.

Think about the right content

What video content do you want to produce?  You can consider content that doesn’t require much added production value and that involves your internal people if you’re a starter.

Check with your customer service department and ask what customers are asking most of the time. From your research, create a video to answer the question.  Alternatively, determine the most popular blogs for an idea if you have a website blog.

Write a short brief and then a script

Once you selected a topic, write a short brief on the things to cover in the video and your primary objective.  With it, you can save the team a lot of effort and time and reduce stress in the process.

Write the video script. It must be in plain and simple language that the majority can understand.  Use a conversational tone and short sentences.   

Once done with the script, read it aloud, and listen closely. Be ready to re-edit a couple of times until you’ve polished and created a camera-ready script.  You might also want to record variations of the video if you’re unsure of some lines. 

Speak in your brand’s voice 

Use the same voice and manner on how you are delivering your message. It should be aligned with the other marketing materials you’re using for consistency.    You might also want to choose and pull copy from your website for an idea.   

Also, consider adding caption in your videos, but ensure it has short snippets, punctuated sentences, and titles, all caps or sentence case, among other things. Just ensure that the brand’s voice is consistent and in harmony with your other marketing materials.

Choose a location

Location is one of the most critical elements in creating a compelling video.  To pick the right one, here are some tips.

  • Size: Pick a large enough space, ideally at least six feet, for your crew, cameras, gear and subject. 
  • Light:  Windows may or may not work depending on the weather and time of the day.    The extra daylight can help in adding light to your video; however, you might have to find an interior room if the sun is too bright, or you might have to close the blinds. 
  • Sound:  Choose a quiet spot without distractions. Remember, you should have control over the sound like that coming from an HVAC system.

Add in your colors

If you’re adding text in the video, ensure you’re using your brand colors so that viewers can quickly recognize and remember your videos.  You can also create an on-brand feel by incorporating your brand colors within the frame if you’re shooting new photos for a video clip. 

Don’t forget your logo!

For brand recognition, add a logo in the corner as a watermark from the beginning until the end of the video.  Don’t just put it at the beginning or end.  For a video, you might need to modify your logo, like creating a transparent PNG file if it will be on a colored or white background. 

Set the mood with editing

Help people recognize your brand easily using your unique editing style.  What mood do you want to set in the video?   Think about it and show it in your editing style.  For a spa,  the branded video can be with smooth and fluid transitions.

Invest in a mic kit for sound

Bad audio can kill a great video.  Use an audio recorder or an external microphone. Don’t just rely on your phone or camera mic.   If you’re using your phone, ensure it’s out of view and is mounted just above the subject.

Edit the video

Use a video editing software like iMovie Windows Movie Maker or Camtasia if you’re a beginner.  Alternatively, you might want to use Adobe Premiere or any other editing tool that will help you come up with an excellent branded video.

Hire video storytellers!

If you want to save your team from the hassle and create an amazing video, hire professional video creators that can put a great deal of effort into understanding the message you want to convey and brand voice to use and finally creating the right video that resonates with your audience.

People watch and love branded videos!  Whether for personal branding, brand awareness, product launch or event, videos are effective and valuable because they appeal to the senses, establish trust, and connect with your audience.

Are you ready to improve customer engagement and boost conversions and sales?  Contact us for branded videos today!