Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business

Do you wonder why video marketing has turned into waffles for the corporate world?

The reasons are quite obvious. You learn what you see, and this is why the visual display is such an effective teaching concept. From sharing transettic stories about your customers to inspiring your viewers with demos, subscriptions, trials, tutorials, and more. Video marketing makes it easy for you and your customers to communicate on an intellectual level. Data-driven marketers are the absolute feens for video marketing. And why shouldn’t they be? It lets them track and measure audience engagement like no other.

But that’s not all. Check out these amazing benefits of video marketing.

Revenue Growth

If you go through the stats released by market research firm Aberdeen Group, you’ll see that marketing companies who use videos to attract customers have seen almost 49% faster growth in company revenue than the ones who did not. It’s clear who the winner is in this case.

Impact On Buying

As per a survey run by Forbes, 90% of customers find videos helpful to make buying decisions. At the same time, Animoto released a study that around 64% of customers are enticed more by videos when it comes to buying products. The majority of marketers agree that steezy videos increase the customer’s understanding of any product or service.

Customer Demands

The digital world is all about comfort. Customers want what they want but in convenient ways. So, it’s no wonder they expect video content instead of emails on newsletters from the brands they love.

When customers research through the options for a product or a service, they cross-check through a variety of methods. Some search engines and official websites to review websites and related videos. You can add a badassical video in each of these methods to convince your customers that your product or service is lit.

Higher SERP Ranking

The best way to invite clout is by improving your SERPs ranking. Videos are amazeballs at rocketing your Google rankings. Companies that use impressive videos are more likely to be ranked on the first Google page. A small video can make a whole lot of difference. As per Search Metrics, 55% of keyword-linked search results show links with videos.

More Traffic

It’s quite simple. Your video is going to bring more traffic. According to an Aberdeen Group study shared by Hubspot, websites using videos witness 41% more web traffic than the ones who ignore it.

Bump Up The Backlinks

When you add a video to your web page or posts, the average number of domains linked automatically increases three times. The results for this were drawn by a survey run by Moz.

Boost Conversions

Another conclusion drawn by the Aberdeen Group is that websites that use videos face 27% higher rates of click-through. The same companies also see a whopping 34% higher conversation rates on their website.

As per a report released by EyeView Digital, if you have a landing page, using video marketing would boost web conversions by 86%.

Internal Business Matters

Videos are also effective in internal business matters. As per HighIQ’s survey, 3/4th of business executives update themselves through videos on a weekly basis. Additionally, 54% of senior executives and subordinates exchange video related to work with colleagues on a weekly basis.

In fact, in the corporate world, if you ask someone to choose between a text or video available on the same to operate, they would choose to watch a video over reading texts anytime anywhere.

Raise The Email Bar

Even when it comes to emails, just the mention of the word “video” can raise its rates by 19%. According to Syndacast, videos increase the click-through rates of emails and kill chances of unsubscribes by 65% and 26%, respectively. 

MarTech Advisor further found that a video can boost an email’s click rate by a massive 300%.  Go figure! 

Rocketing Shares 

Nothing racks up shares as much as a social video can. As per Small Business Trends, it can generate approximately 1200% shares more than images and texts combined. As per HubSpot, 83% of customers are bound to share an interesting video with their friends. 


Videos have dominated a humongous spectrum of online marketing and for all the good reasons. It’s interesting to watch, versatile, and easily shareable. Start your business scheme with videos, and you’ll not be disappointed with using this complete package of awesomeness.

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