5 Ways Video Content Helps Improve your SEO Ranking

Digital marketing experts believe that one-third of Internet users spend their time watching video content. Video content is something that takes less time for one to understand and is available in regional languages. It is also true that the video content’s search value is more than any other form of content.

For better page ranking and indexing, you optimize the video content.

Let us look at the five ways to prove how video content can help improve your SEO ranking.

Different Ways Video Content Can Improve your SEO Ranking

Video Content has recently become one of the most exciting methods to impact SEO Ranking. It has changed dramatically in recent years.

There are several ways in which video content adds to your SEO ranking. 

Way #1: Improves search value

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all use some short keywords to search for a piece of information. Using them, the search engine brings us different content, such as images, videos, websites, and news. Of these, video contents are always the first preference that we choose. 

One of the main reasons for that is every video content comprises video, audio, and text. Thus, it helps in hooking the attention of the users. 

However, it is essential to add one or a few meta tags that categorize the video, raising its search value. Such SEO-rich gets a better reach on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Way #2: Boosts website traffic

Video contents always have a benefit that the other forms of content don’t possess. That’s a thumbnail. A thumbnail is nothing but a pictorial summary of the content within. It makes the viewers eager to go through the video and reach out to many others. 

Not to mention that the video must be content heavy. A fluffy piece of the watch will not seek the users’ attention, no matter how catchy the thumbnail is. But, if appropriately coordinated, video content with a logical yet self-explanatory thumbnail can do wonders. 

And, to improve the website traffic for your video content, stay consistent. It urges the viewers to watch your content.

Way #3: Enables easy linking

Link building is an inevitable strategy for a better SEO ranking. It also shows the importance of the domains and how the content stands valid on the other websites. 

The best way to link your video content is to find similar websites that follow your niche and link your content with theirs. It is also known as the skyscraper way. Use strong keywords to describe your video in the description box. Leave no stone unturned to highlight your video content with infallible words. In this way, your video content is definite to earn backlinks and better ranking.

Way #4: Establishes brand presence

You can use your video content for optimal brand awareness. That is because every video has its logo and brand images, which define it better. You can add a watermark at a particular position throughout the video to emphasize the copyright of contents. 

Video content can also improve the position of the brands when you put them on social media. Thus, social media also plays a significant role in improving SERP. The support or opposition to your video content can predict a lot on the SEO ranking. Video contents are hence said to be all the more engaging than most other forms.

Way #5: Enhances conversion rate

The video content viewers are most likely to purchase the products or services on seeing a brand’s ad or any such marketing video. If you are good at making good video content, you can guarantee to attract a few more people than your competitors. 

Videos also act as a portfolio for many customers. They either take a direct opinion from their closest friends or visit the portfolios and reviews of a website before settling on a purchasing decision. Not only that, but you can also use video content for educating or informing the audience about a new idea that you follow. Thus, you can use video content to turn the viewers of your content into potential customers.


With all that said, the best way to make your audience act immediately is by creating and marketing video content. While creating them, you need to define your purpose through the content. Similarly, it would help if you are consistent with releasing your videos periodically. 

Are you still confused about how to go ahead with marketing video content to improve your reach? Don’t worry as we are here to handhold you. We, at Roja Media, can help you with impressive video marketing campaigns.